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A Complete Service For Logistic Solutions In Africa

At Logistics-Africa we offer solutions including covering the entire logistics chain in Southern, and East Africa. We have strong connections and a thorough understanding of the African market having lived in Africa as well as operated in the industry for decades. Our consultancy will help you find the right solution and unlock a vast market.

GPS Tracking

Fleet Management In Africa

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

We understand the need to control the costs; from asset procurement and maintenance to vehicle tracking and driver management in Africa. Optimizing your fleet utilisation and reducing operating costs of assets through accurate data reporting is a complicated process in Africa!

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Logistics Consultancy

Effective Combinations

Your logistics chain needs to work for you; get expert technical advice on vehicle specifications, maintenance and safety features. An audit of all assets; including reconciliation, condition, utilization, will confirm asset values.

Truck Transport
Transport Insurance

Logistics Insurance In Africa

Explore Your Options

Risk control and cost effective insurance cover for trucks, trailers, and goods in transit. Factors, such as the time sensitivity of the load, and the potential for theft affect the insurance premiums paid.

Market Research

Know The African Market

Are you expanding into Africa and want penetrating insights into the logistics of expansion in Africa? A key understanding of the various stakeholders as well government entities is critical to achieve this.

  Abnormal Loads

Our Company

We’ve built a business that we would want to work with. We hope you will too.

Driver Incentive Schemes

Increase Performance


Fleet ServicesTrucking Business

Business case development for SMME operators and individual projects including risk analysis.

Fleet AuditCost Analysis

Trends and recovery on all fixed and variable costs.

Driver Incentive SchemesTraining & Mentoring

Skills development for operations staff and drivers.

Vehicle Tracking

Total Control


Safety Risk ManagementSafety Management

Limiting risk through focus on accident trends, future risks, vehicle fitness, driver training, and health.

Fleet AuditsFleet Audits

Asset reconciliation, asset condition, and asset utilisation.

Disaster RecoveryTechnical Advice

Vehicle specifications, maintenance, and safety.
Cost Analysis

Greater Reach


Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery

Management of major accidents, vehicle/load recovery and accident reconstruction.

Road Traffic RulesRoad Traffic Rules

South African Road Traffic Act, and TRH 11 guidelines.

Lifting EquipmentContainer Handling

Depot layout, and handler equipment management.

Business and Transporters Rate Logistics-Africa!

All the tools you need to reach and expand in the African logistics market. Chat with us to find out more.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Our African Logistics Consultancy?


Making A Difference To The Bottom Line.

 Truck Insurance Cover

Market Research

Know the markets & risks before you encounter them unexpectedly.

Fleet Management Services

Finding The Leaks

In Africa, this is vital in your logistics chain. It’s a lot less regulated here than in Europe.

Driver Incentive Schemes

Share the Savings

Schemes, policies & procedures to reduce operating costs.

Vehicle Tracking

Reach A New Market

Africa is a vast untapped market with massive opportunities.

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